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Your light attacks add a bleeding effect, dealing X Physical Damage over X seconds. We’ll start with the basics of Werewolf before moving on to advanced concepts. Skills Werewolf For the Werewolf skills, it is very important that you keep Claws of Life on the enemy, it is a great heal, especially if placed on several enemies. Werewolf’s Skills, Pros and Cons on the other hand only become available once you transform. This guide will cover everything about becoming a werewolf including: Vampire and werewolf are actually incredibly easy to level up to 10. Skill points You can get 463 skill points in the game (Greymoor Patch 6.0.5)! All abilities contained within the skill line arrive unranked, allowing you to advance and morph the skill as you see fit. Rank I: Increases time in werewolf form by 3 seconds every time you take damage. The Werewolf skill-line has active skills and passives. ... ESO-Sets, ESO-Skillbook and ESO-Housing are becoming ESO-Hub. This effect can occur once every 5 seconds. Make sure to check out the Ultimate Werewolf Guide, the Werewolf guide contains all information about Werewolf that you need to know. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. Read more about the Hide of the Werewolf set. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Pounce (5-22m range) Base Skill Brutal Pounce morph. ... is not affiliated with ZeniMax. Your light attacks add a bleeding effect, dealing x Physical Damage over 8 seconds. Werewolves must transform to use special skills. The Elder Scrolls, ESO, Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks and related logos are registered While in Werewolf Form +10000 Physical and Spell Resistance +30% Max Stamina +30% Increased Sprinting Speed +15% Stamina Recovery +25% Damage from Poison attacks +20% Damage from Fighters Guild Skills Drain an enemy's Life force, dealing 744 Magic Damage, healing you for 23 % of your missing Health, and restoring 5 % of your missing Stamina every 1 second for 3 seconds. ESO Werewolf Skills. Werewolf Transformation I – Transform yourself into a bloodthirsty beast, increasing Stamina, Armor and Sprinting Speed. Discord - Privacy policy - Manage Cookie Settings. The Elder Scrolls® Online developed by ZeniMax Online Studios LLC, Sark on February 20, 2015 at 3:20 am. ESO Werewolf Leveling Guide . Your transformation also causes nearby enemies to run in fear. Werewolf Skills ESO. All Rights Reserved. Deals additional damage to other nearby enemies. Set bonus This effect can occur once every 3 seconds. Can be morphed into: Pack Leader (Instant, self): Transform into a beast, fearing nearby enemies for 3 seconds. Werewolf Transformation is a skill in the Werewolf line, under the World category. The Werewolf Tank is a lot of fun to play but has a very limited playstyle. ESO-Sets, ESO-Skillbook and ESO-Housing are becoming ESO-Hub. Hide of the Werewolf LEVEL 50 - CP 160. New Moon Acolyte is another great damage set which boosts our weapon damage, critical and penetration. The main Werewolf Skill is the Ultimate – Werewolf Transformation. Unbroken is a sturdy Stamina Dragonknight PVP Build. The werewolf leaps and the air and delivers a crushing blow. Swipe 1. Passive Skills; Devour: Allows you to devour corpses to increase the duration of your … Other skill lines in World : Excavation, Legerdemain, Scrying, Soul Magic and Vampire The Werewolf skill-line is part of the " World " category in the Elder Scrolls Online. Affects up to 5 targets and stacks up to 5 times. The werewolf slashes its claws several times. Michel Z Date: August 11th, 2020 Views: 1221 eso vampire vs werewolf werewolf eso eso vampire eso vampire skills eso becoming a werewolf Vampire and Werewolf in the Elder Scrolls Online are two unique skill lines that provide you with lots of options and fun gameplay. Brutal Pounce. Rank II: Increases the duration of nearby allies' Werewolf Transformation by 5%. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tanky as hell, lots and lots of impen and decent resists as the werewolf means you can really pressure your target. Unlike in previous Elder Scrolls games, player werewolves can still interact with most … ESO Guides General. ESO Werewolf Leveling Guide. Criminal Act. It is said that he lays claim to their souls, eternally leading them on wild courses through the Hunting Grounds… Affects up to 5 targets and stacks up to 5 times. Werewolf Transformation is a skill in the Werewolf line, under the World category. With the Greymoor expansion, Werewolf skills are now more balanced. Hide of the Werewolf. You can’t use your Werewolf Skills when you are not in Werewolf form. […] Reply. Skills. Use the right mouse button to remove a skill point. Drain Vigor. Welcome to The Tank Club: ESO Werewolf Tank Build. Slashing Fury 1. I recommend Pack Leader morph instead of Berserker due to the damage mitigation and the Minor Courage plus the two direwolves. This is a fun/casual build you can use for Tanking as a Werewolf. You can only actively use Werewolf skills while you are transformed. The Second line(Two Handed) is designed to help you quickly close that gap and deal damage at close range. Leveling. ... , a ZeniMax Media company. Rank II: Increases Heavy Attack Stamina return by 100%. You can provide a decent range of group support and it’s possible to Tank most things as a Werewolf. Completing it will provide the Vestige with the werewolf skill line. Transforming into a werewolf requires your Ultimate slot and a lot of stamina Werewolf’s biggest threat comes from members of the Fighters Guild, since their abilities apply extra effects to undead and Daedric creatures (and with a passive to werewolves as well). Werewolf Updates – Greymoor. ZeniMax Media company. Use the left mouse button to add a skill point. WEREWOLF ROTATION. You will have a Third line while in werewolf form. Werewolf Basics. Community content is available under. This video goes over the best way to level up Werewolf fast from 1-10 in the Elder Scrolls Online! Type Overland. Not only does it give us a mini burst heal AND good stamina sustain, but it also increases our damage by 10%! Now lets take a look at all the skills/abilities that ESO Werewolves have access to. Essence Thief is an amazing set for Werewolf builds! Use "Reset points" to reset all points you have spent. The werewolf slashes at you with its claws. Use a rotation of howl of agony + light attack weaving. Unbroken is balanced around Battlegrounds and the no-CP Cyrodiil campaigns. Confrontations with these lycanthropes are dangerous; they can spread the disease Sanies Lupinus, which turns the infected into one of the bloodthirsty pack if left untreated. The werewolf swipes at you with its claws. The fistst skill line(Bow) is set up for ranged attacks and abuilities to help you put distance between you and your attacker. Basic physical attack. This skill turns you into a Werewolf for a certain amount of time and allows you to use your Werewolf Skills. These are skills that all werewolves have. Content © by Alcast & 20% increase cost to skills while kena is active BUT pace your werewolf skills, you will be mostly light attacking anyway, which costs NOTHING. Check out ESO-Hub Now! ESO-Hub. You can fight several enemies 1v1 or even survive against multiple targets but the build shines when cooperating with your team. Restores a portion of your missing Stamina. Physical attack. : : : : : : : : : Claw Slash 1. Woeler. Your transformation also causes nearby enemies to run in fear. By far the fastest way to level the ww skill line is to stay your happy go lucky self in the quest area after you turn in the quest to hircine. Legerdemain. Werewolf Skills, World Skills. Kill enemies in Werewolf form; Need 225 kills in Werewolf form to reach Rank 10; Blood Rage passive increases time in Werewolf form Key to Unbroken’s succes… HUNT AS A PACK! Finally, Selene is one of the best damaging monster sets still in the game and also has a short, 4 second cool down. Note: This is the only Werewolf skill that can be used when not in Werewolf form. Skills and icons © by ZeniMax Online Studios. by dottzgaming . While transformed, your Light Attacks apply a bleed for x Physical … Doing damage keeps you in werewolf form for longer, HIT STUFF! All the information you need to know about the Hide of the Werewolf set in The Elder Scrolls Online. This werewolf build for The Elder Scrolls Online is fairly easy to get started with and has access to plenty of damage and healing, plus insane speed! ESO Werewolf vs Vampire ... Best Ways to Level Up Your Vampire/Werewolf Skill Lines. You can morph skills with at least one point spent to the parent skill. trademarks or News; Vendors. trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the US and/or other countries. Rank I: Increases Heavy Attack Stamina return by 50%. Now if you are unfamiliar with the Werewolf or Vampire curse, you can become one in The Elder scrolls Online, to become on there are several ways, if you looking for a guide on how to become either a Werewolf or Vampire you can click here: These are the following ways I recommend leveling up the skill lines: Vampire: Simply grind experience like you would anything else. Instantly advances the Werewolf skill line to maximum rank and awards a Werewolf's Bite if you are not already afflicted with lycanthropy. Savage Leap 1. Home; News. Description. Rank I: Increases the duration of nearby allies' Werewolf Transformation by 3%. Werewolves surrender to their primal nature, roaming the wilds in pursuit of prey. Rank II: Increases time in werewolf form by 3 seconds every time you take damage. The build is putting emphasis on defense and survivability, weakening and wearing down opponents before you can finish them with a strong burst. Werewolves are strongly associated with the Daedric Prince Hircine. This bite can only be given to one person every seven days at a. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine,, Receive a scratch from specific hostile werewolves that spawn in various areas in only one region per, Receive a bite from a player that is already a werewolf and has the perk "Blood Moon." Read More → Here we will talk about which one is better: Vampire or Werewolf, if any of them is better. Pounce on an enemy with primal fury dealing 616 Physical Damage and an additional 308 Physical Damage to other nearby enemies. The moment you go in Werewolf you want to use hiricnes rage for the 20% damage bonus, after that land a light attack & claws of anguish on your enemy, this does some great over time damage, then fear your enemy using deafening roar.

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