fnaf night 1 phone call lyrics

Uh, hello and welcome to your new summer job at the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Uhh, it might be a good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk just to make sure everyone's in their proper place. After FNaF 2 it was theorised that the Purple Guy was in fact the Phone Guy. FNAF 2 night 1 phone call by Wipperbeats published on 2015-04-20T18:29:51Z. Um, I actually worked in that office before you. (sung) Hi, I'm Phone Guy, Pleasure to meet you. [DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE TRANSCRIPTS, NOR DO I OWN THE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S GAME SERIES!] I promise, it'll be a LOT more interesting this time! It's more likely one of the animatronics in a deep, garbled, demonic-sounding voice. NEXT 5 Words (TV Lyrics) Next 5 Words (Musicals) 2010s Songs by 5 Words. Night 5 Phone Call FNaF 1 (Phone Guy doesn't actually speak for this phone call. When the audio clip is played backwards and some post-processing applied, it is rendered into a difficult to understand, and hard to translate, garble. Thanks again. markiplier, freddyfazbear, canhesurvive. [FNAF 1-3] Phone Guy's Calls... Transcripted! Uh...Something about their servos locking up if they get turned off for too long. Lyrics: So, I know it can be a bit overwhelming, but I'm here to tell you there's nothing to worry about. Information on this mode may be found on game-specific level pages. Yeah. Note: All credit goes to Pole Bear & Goldbox for the art used in this post. 37:13. Uh... Hey, listen, I had an idea: if you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uhh, try playing dead! They'll p-most likely see you as a metal endoskeleton without its costume on. Night 3: Maybe it won’t be so bad. Now since that's against the rules here at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, they'll probably try to...forcefully stuff you inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. Uh, the only parts of you that would likely see the light of day again would be your eyeballs and teeth when they pop out the front of the mask, heh. Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know? 1 Five Nights at Freddy's 1.1 Night 1 1.2 Night 2 1.3 Night 3 1.4 Night 4 1.5 Night 5 2 Five Nights at Freddy's 2 2.1 Night 1 2.2 Night 2 2.3 Night 3 2.4 Night 4 2.5 Night 5 2.6 Night 6 “Hello? 14:45. I'm finishing up my last week now, as a matter of fact. Uh for now just make it through the night. Hey hey, glad you came back for another night! by admin 8 months ago 11 Views. Glad you came back for another night! This took ages for me to write so thanks for reading :p. Little Mix Touch or Little Mix Shout Out To My Ex will be up soon. Uh, they're left in some kind of free roaming mode at night. But then there was The Bite of '87. For more information from the ultimate resource visit us at http://fnafuniverse.comFive Nights At Freddy's - Night 5 Phone Call - Translated & Reversed! We found some, some great new relics over the weekend, and we’re out tracking down a new lead, right now! I wonder how that would work. “Hello, hello! Okay? Uh, talk to you soon." *door bangs are heard here, and continue throughout the call* It’s-It’s been a bad night here for me. Phone Guy - "Hello, hello? Hey, you’re doing great! Uh, I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Th-th-that’s not what I meant. Alright, good night." The character in there seems unique in that he becomes more active if the cameras remain off for long periods of time. The original Phone Guy is unchanged for the most part though, here, he is a lot more formal and less expressive, likely because he is speaking as an instructor rather than talking to the player off-hours. //

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