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Adrian M. Foltyn

Born 1978, graduate of the Academy of Music in Wroclaw, where he studied with Stanisław Krupowicz, a member of the Polish Composers’ Union. His works have been performed at European festivals of new music, incl. Musica Polonica Nova, Musica Electronica Nova and the Dutch Music Days as well as presented over Radio Netherlands, Deutschlandradio Kultur and Polish Radio 2. His awards include winning the the Dutch ‘Yo” Foundation Composers Competition for Euphonicum for mixed choir and orchestra (2004), first prize at the T. Baird Young Composers Competition (2005) for Son’tasy 2.1  for 2 pianos and electronics and 3rd prize at the ZAIKS Composers Competition (2008) for Piano Concerto. He has also co-authored multimedia projects with visual artits (Pawel Lisek, AI in Intelligent Art, Jan Smaga, Sekunda). In his pieces Adrian Foltyn has been using devices reading directional changes of brain waves (?@? for cello and computer with Andrzej Bauer, Overfitting I for viola and computer with Rafał Zalech and Dariusz Jackowski). He is also an active pianist, performing i.a. his own pieces (From ClaPy import… for clavichord, piano and electronics). 

Adrian is also a data scientist working on understanding connections between mathematics and music through neurocognitive modelling of perception of harmonic tension in a musical piece. Derived from this work is his interest in the use of deep artificial neural networks and their application in integrating music with verbal and visual layers of art.


Photo: Adrian Foltyn

Adrian M. Foltyn
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