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Change my Plans and Extract Sounds for Three Equal Instruments – Flute and Flute and Piano (2018)

And so everything, therefore, seems to have created itself, from the spirit of time, intuition and divinity…

Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń, translation: Marek Kazmierski

Download sheet music (PDF)

Information about the commission and first performance

Date of origin: 2018

Duration: ca. 14’

First performance: The Academy of Music in Katowice, 18th Silesian Days of Music, organiser: Polish Composer’s Union

14th November, 2018

This composition was co-founded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as part of the “Composing Commissions” Programme delivered by the Institute of Music and Dance



Agata Kielar-Długosz – Flute

Łukasz Długosz – Flute

Andrzej Jungiewicz Piano

Composer Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń

Composer, flautist, pianist and improviser. Born in 1985. She has just completed her studies with the highest distinction in Professor Aleksander Lasoń’s class at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. In 2009, IMAGE 1929 (Zdzisław Beksiński in memoriam) for symphony orchestra, has been nominated for the prestigious Polish Public Media OPUS Award 2009. In 2008 she received first prize for IMAGE 1929 (Zdzisław Beksiński in memoriam) for symphony orchestra at the Artur Malawski Composition Competition in Rzeszów (this piece was commissioned by Marek Pijarowski and musicians from Philharmonic in Rzeszów). In 2009, she received a distinction for her piece …IN THEIR ETERNAL FACES… for flute solo, in the National Composition Competition for flute solo in Wrocław. One of her newest compositions These phrases… These songs… These arias… for string orchestra was commissioned by Marek Moś and the AUKSO chamber orchestra. It was premiered on 29th March  2009 during this year’s 3rd Festival of Premiers in Katowice.

Also in 2009, her the newest composition ART-Tro-Ti-phonium for 6 harps, 3 trumpets and timpani was premiered on November 2009, in Salzburg (Mozarteum) – ordered by Mozarteum and Festival of Harps in Salzburg. In 2009, her Fanfara Festiwalowa (Festival Fanfare) was commissioned by The 5th Festival of Polish Music. It was premiered on November during the 5th Festival of Polish Music in Kraków.

The works of Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń were performed at many important festivals and concerts in the country and abroad.

The composer also creates computer graphics that are presented at the author’s vernissages.


fot. Magdalena Hueckel © IMiT


Interview with composer

Contemporary performance techniques