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Katz-Bassett developed techniques to enumerate and locate all CDN servers, uncovering a massive change in strategy by Google. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Bassett is organized as a multispecialty group employed model: In addition to the MD track, VP&S also operates the Columbia-Bassett Program, which is geared toward students considering future practice in a rural setting and is located in Cooperstown, NY. Columbia Student Medical Outreach (CoSMO) exists to provide free, high-quality healthcare to the uninsured and medically underserved population in Washington Heights and Northern Harlem. Columbia-Bassett students (10 students have been chosen each year since 2010) spend the first 18 months of medical school in New York City, studying basic science fundamentals alongside P&S classmates. The SLIM curriculum is a parallel venue in which we can further develop a well-rounded understanding of medicine. My favorite part of the program so far has definitely been the people--my classmates, the attendings, the deans, the patients. I graduated from Stanford in 2010 with a degree in Human Biology (my focus was in health policy on domestic and international healthcare systems). During MCY, Columbia-Bassett students rejoin their classmates in New York for two brief intersessions Three required rotations during the fourth year will be back in New York City and will include a sub-internship, another clinical rotation, and "Ready for Residency." For these students, representing 80% of the 2012 Columbia-Bassett cohort, the preclinical curriculum took place on Columbia’s New York City campus, but their major clinical year was an LIC based at Bassett Healthcare Network in central New York. Only ten students a year get admitted to the Bassett program, so if rural medicine is your passion, you’ll want to focus on nailing this prompt. Have questions about admissions for the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons (VP&S)? a fifth year) in undergrad before coming to medical school.Anything else to share? While doing the post-bac, I worked as a physical therapy aide. Two years into the program, they are still the reasons why I have no doubt that I made the right decision. CCLCM vs. Columbia-Bassett I just found out that there is a very good chance that I will be accepted to Columbia-Bassett within the next few days. Ten medical students are selected each year for the prestigious Columbia-Bassett track, which offers the opportunity for them to care for patients in a large, mostly rural population. My favorite sport is basketball, and I play on an intramural team named after the P&S anatomy course director (Bernd's Ballers). I attended Williams College where I majored in Chemistry and also studied creative writing. Outside of school, I enjoy getting my hands on a variety of projects in whatever interests me, like presenting a poster on the portrayal of addiction in The New York Times at the APA convention last year as well as a small paper on the use of ketamine as an antidepressant with fellow Bassetteer Danish. At Columbia in New York, I am a member of the student run clinic CHHMP which serves a homeless and uninsured population in Harlem every Tuesday night. Every medical school will teach its students how to help patients through one-on-one clinical encounters, but only the Bassett program seemed dedicated to including both the importance of systems and of an individual patient's experiences. The people who work at the hospital have made the transition from classroom to clinical setting as smooth as can be and have created a welcoming learning environment. After all, it’s your one chance to communicate why Bassett is … Beyond the exposure to SLIM and longitudinal care, I was also very attracted by the diversity of experiences available through the Columbia-Bassett program. I had an awesome experience at … The Columbia-Bassett Program has provided the 2020 Major Clinical Year with unlimited access to AMBOSS. Work related: I’m involved in the residency advocacy committee and community health/health care systems research in addition to curriculum and medical education work. The longitudinal component of the curriculum fosters strong patient relationships by enabling us to follow our patients through the ins and outs of the health care network across a variety of clinical fields. Major teaching affiliate of Albany Medical College. My ideal job would have me teaching and seeing patients most of the time, but would leave me a day each week for my writing. I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time rock climbing and running. I hoped to use this extra educational thread to begin to think about and address access to care for underserved communities after becoming a physician. Ethan Katz-Bassett seeks to improve the reliability and performance of Internet services though the design of deployable systems. Bassett is committed to medical education: Major teaching hospital of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University since 1947 and is the clinical campus for the Columbia-Bassett Medical School Program. I had a kayak locked to a tree by the lake for emergency paddling excursions and cross-country skis ready to go on my porch for any signs of fresh snow. I worked as a Post-baccalaureate IRTA at the NIH doing research on autism at the National Institute of Mental Health. About P&S Club; Clubs and Organizations The Columbia MD curriculum combines basic science and clinical medicine with humanism and professionalism. It was also so nice to be part of the overall Columbia class as well, so it felt like I had family in both NYC and Cooperstown. Student Affairs Team; P&S Club. I also love the outdoors and am particularly excited to do some cycling this summer in Cooperstown. I like to cook, exercise, and do crossword puzzles. Every March, students gather for the medical school tradition known as Match Day, where soon-to-be graduates learn where they will spend their residencies. My initial interest in going to medical school arose from studying healthcare policy in college, and Bassett seemed like the best place to continue nurturing this interest while learning how to improve patient care on a systematic and individual level. I intend to work in underserved communities in the future and felt that it would be beneficial to have a wide array of different types of clinical settings as a base for my future. Double major in Physiology and Spanish at the University of Wyoming. Our group became fast friends from the start, but working together in the clinic has only highlighted just how well-suited we are for each other as a group! I have not yet decided on a specialty but am grateful for the freedom that the Columbia-Bassett program allows to choose whichever specialty appeals most to us. While at USC, Ethan’s first four doctoral students produced high-impact research that transitioned into industry. Important information about online admissions process, Summer afternoons barbequing on Fair Street, Watching the sunset from the docks at Fairy Springs, Seeing my attendings perform in a community production of, Saturdays at the farmers market and our delicious CSA shares, Cross-country skiing through the woods behind Beaver meadow, Knowing everyone at the gym and the town coffee shop. It is universally recognized that there are major issues in health care: high costs, poor outcomes, inefficient systems, and physician burnout, among others. Now back in NYC, I’m missing Cooperstown more than ever! I enjoy exploring in general - new places to eat, new activities, different locations, and nature. Student Activity Fee 145 Subtotal Tuition & Fees 68,886 68,636 68,636 68,636 Educational Expenses Books, Supplies, Board Review Materials 1,635 1,250 2,022 450 Professional Clothing 90 150 350 320 Equipment 990 Transportation to Clinical Courses 254 127 508 Transp. Interests include running, hummus and peanut butter. Columbia-Bassett students (10 students have been chosen each year since 2010) spend the first 18 months of medical school in New York City, studying basic science fundamentals alongside P&S classmates. I really enjoyed working in children's hospitals, so I envision my practice will incorporate in-patient and out-patient care, in addition to teaching future dermatologists. I was completely enamored with the Bassett program after my interview day, but what initially drew me to the program was the opportunity to work with patients longitudinally. I'm currently in psychiatry residency at Massachusetts General Hospital/McLean Hospital in Boston. I think going to a place in which you can strive is perhaps the most important factor. As Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Lisa Mellman notes, this represents a "moment [they] have been waiting for, for four or five years.” I will be taking time away from Columbia to participate in the Zuckerman Fellowship at Harvard to earn a Master’s in Higher Education, with the goal of pursuing a career in medical education. Participants. Also, if something doesn't feel right about a school, give attention to that feeling. My favorite part is definitely the people. We are delighted to tell you about our program, where students from all over the country come to train, experience a longitudinal, patient-centered, trauma-sensitive approach to medical education, and learn about health systems, health delivery and intensive performance improvement in an integrated hospital network. Commenting on some of the university's other budgetary problems, Mr. Bassett asserted that Columbia has witnessed "increasing assets and increasing deficits" over the past few years. A portion of the students completed their clerkship at the main university campus and others performed their clerkship at an affiliate site including Bassett Health Network.

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