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Tony Hawk's Underground 2) Videos. This game is 95% playable.Physics are very close to actual console version. There is slowdown and some stuttering here and there that seem to be ingame and not the emulator, but I had to have "skip efb access from cpu" on the whole time to avoid heavy stuttering. 04-23-2019, 01:09 PM #11. ewzzy HD Pack Maker. Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 is a Sports video game for the Nintendo GameCube. Screenshots. Did all the missions except one. This page was last edited on 16 January 2018, at 03:32. This title has been tested on the environments listed below: Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. This page was last edited on 28 September 2020, at 03:02. Soundtrack Credits . 2004. It's the cutscenes, movies, and other transitions that give most of the problems. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (2004 Video Game) Soundtracks. Search Wikipedia. The stuttering and framerate drops have greatly reduced to being at the same level as a real console, making the game playable with default settings now. Music slows down during main menu, audio pops and cuts out during cutscenes and is sometimes out of sync with video. Grab your board, an arsenal of spray-paint jump into the tour van and wreak havoc across the globe. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 for Gamecube is also fully playable on PC using Dolphin. Ride, walk, or drive through nine expansive levels and become a star of the Underground. Posts: 44 Threads: 3 Joined: Mar 2016 Still working away at this. 53 items . MHPBMX2 is fully playable on this revision, though your save … runs at stable 60FPS in game, minor stutters when going into cutscenes in story mode. Search Wikipedia. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 has a native 16:9 display option, but it requires enabling it in its internal options and setting Dolphin's Aspect Ratio graphics setting to "Auto". In an all-new storyline, Tony Hawk's Underground 2 takes you to skateparks around the world, where you can spray your custom tag, slap stickers, and even create new skate lines. Using the widescreen hack with this title is not recommended.'s_Underground_2 Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Tony Hawk series. Metacritic: 85: Userscore: 7.8: Release: 2004: Hits: 9.000: Größe: 2.08 GB: Passwort: 404: Genre: Sport: Neben 20 bekannten Szenestars wie Werbeträger Tony Hawk oder Bam Margera darf der Spieler seinen eigenen Skater ins Rennen um die spektakulärsten Tricks schicken. Random crashes, unless dual-core is turned off.'s search results and ROM download pages for Tony Hawk. ISOs » Nintendo Gamecube » T » Tony Hawks Underground 2. Use settings above for optimal performance. The graph below charts the compatibility with Tony Hawk's Underground 2 since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. This can be avoided by enabling CPU Clock Override and setting it slightly above normal, around 115%; however, this can cause reduced performance on weaker computers.'s_Pro_Skater_3 Only problem I've encountered so far is trying to apply a created graphic onto my character; going to "Create a Skater" after loading my custom graphic causes the emulator to crash. GCN, PS2, X360, Xbox, PC. Tony Hawk's Underground HD Texture Pack. Unsubscribe. Main menu isn't even playable, and I know my system should be able to handle it. Audio perfect. Open Issues No configuration changes are known to affect compatibility for this title. Disney characters step out of the movies and onto skateboards in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. The gameplay in Underground 2 is similar to that of previous Tony Hawk games: the player skates around in a 3D environment modeled after various cities and attempts to complete various goals. 05-06 … This game has been selected by 6,486 players, who appreciated this game have given 4,0 star rating. Search Google I'm working on HD decks now. Search Google Some pre-rendered videos in Tony Hawk's Underground will randomly play slowed down, and then fast forward to try and catch up to the lag. Tony Hawks Underground 2 ISO Nintendo Gamecube / GC GCN NGC ISOs How to Play this Game ? In an all-new st... Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Most goals involve skating on or over various objects or performing combos. Using the widescreen hack with this title is not recommended. Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Other games run flawlessly on my system. Reply. Tony Hawk's Underground has a native 16:9 display option, but it requires enabling it in its internal options and setting Dolphin's Aspect Ratio graphics setting to "Auto". Tony Hawk's Underground 2 MegaPack. CAS parts are nearly done. Help us keep up! I've redrawn a handful of items, updated all the logos, made new tats, and upscaled the rest. Please update as appropriate. Of course, you can also play as any one of pro skating's biggest stars including Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Elissa Steamer. Fixed in OpenGL by EFB peek/poke cache fixes in 4.0-4603 D3D is still stretched slightly. This title has been tested on the environments listed below: Compatibility can be assumed to align with the indicated revisions. The term "player" refers to the main character of the story. Mit Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (kurz: THUG 2) geht der weltweit erfolgreichste Trendsport-Franchise in die nächste Runde. I was a speedrunner for this game and I threw every glitch I know about at Dolphin, and they all worked. Titles of the Tony Hawk series. Smooth Game @ 60FPS. Check back for more Tony Hawk's Underground 2 cheats to be posted. Welcome to our collection of Tony Hawk´s Underground 2, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for GC .Visit our dedicated Tony Hawk's Underground 2 message board to discuss this game with other members. Game is fully playable to the end. Nearly perfect. Some pre-rendered videos speed up and slow down randomly, but not all of them oddly. Quick Navigation: Game Descriptions; Rate this game ; Videos, Screenshots, and Media; Download Links; Emulators (Quick Download) Discuss this game; Game Description & Reviews: funkmonk05 rates this game: 4/5. Drops to 30-40FPS or lower ingame but keeps 100%. Join Tony Hawk as you go on the … You've been chosen by Tony Hawk to compete against Bam Margera's team in the World Destruction Tour. Please update as appropriate. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Trendsportspiel Tony Hawk's Underground 2 von Beenox, Neversoft Entertainment (PS2) für PC, PS2, Xbox, GC: Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst. Cutscenes slow down to 50% or lower when there are a lot of characters on screen. No gameplay issues, game freezes during credits. This game is developed by Neversoft and published by Activision. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix still has some issues with random crashing, but they will probably be fixed soon. Loading screens render as a bunch of giant square pixels instead of proper transitions (fixed by. If you're feeling nostalgic for older Tony Hawk games, you can try Classic mode, which challenges you to accomplish your favorite goals, such as Secret Tape and High Score. Splinks not so private collection of must have mods to make Splinks a happy Splinks. Subscribe. A van shows up in the middle of the ramp and the player sla… Slight glitches during menu's and transitions. Played through entire story mode. Tony Hawks Underground 2 (int. The graph below charts the compatibility with Tony Hawk's Underground since Dolphin's 2.0 release, listing revisions only where a compatibility change occurred. Mostly playable. Only configuration options for the best compatibility where they deviate from defaults are listed. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is a skateboarding video game, the sixth entry in the Tony Hawk's series after Tony Hawk's Underground.It was developed by Neversoft and published by Activision on October 4, 2004 in the U.S. for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advance platforms. See issue 10325. Master Code – Must Be On 4XV8-4XEB-KFTNJ 5HQE-FCM2-B3JMG Max Score FPQF-7ZE1-PEF51 R841-C7EU-20QPY All Stat Goals Complete WH95-NBE3-PGNYG E7P5-YNPP-X94RN 39AR-R1TV-YJYDD ZAEY-DFBT-REUY8 39AR-R1TV-YJYDD … However, compatibility may extend to prior revisions or compatibility gaps may exist within ranges indicated as compatible due to limited testing. Dolphin Forum thread THUG 2 grinds in with a hilarious story mode, an unprecedented level of customization, and more moves than the Skate Gods could dream of. Website Find. For some reason, I experienced extremely laggy gameplay, averaging 15-28FPS. Haven't tested Story Mode yet, but I can confirm that Classic Mode works like a charm, and so does character creation. Entwickler Neversoft geizt nicht mit Neuerungen - der neueste Knaller auf den wendigen Rollbrettern geht nun nach stetigen und jährlichen Verbesserungen wieder einen Schritt weiter und setzt auf ein anderes Grundkonzept. But most of these issues don't affect the actual gameplay and otherwise everything runs and plays perfectly.Also, most of the pre-recorded video[NOT CUTSCENES]are very laggy and will speed up and slow down at random, but this has no impact on anything in the story or gameplay. Somewhat playable - map rendering issues, game runs at 50-75% speed. Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is the sixth installment in Neversoft's Tony Hawk's series and is the sequel to Underground. Works really well on my machine, slight glitches but nevertheless, perfectly playable. Description. Category:Tony Hawk (Series) From Dolphin Emulator Wiki. Dolphin Forum thread Tony Hawk's Underground 2 ISO file is available in the USA version at our library. In 1 collection by Splinks. Tony Hawk's Underground Nintendo GameCube using Dolphin 4.0.2 Emulator off gameplay of Tony Hawk… October and November 2020 Progress Report, Dolphin Emulator 4.0.2 - Tony Hawk's Underground (1080p HD) - Nintendo GameCube, Tony Hawk's Underground on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV - Dolphin Emulator (Nintendo GameCube),, VersionCompatibilityVersion Template missing notes, Needed for videos to play at the correct speed. xREL. Through experimentation, I've found that r7589 works the best overall for computers with relatively good graphics cards and CPUs. You can play as yo... Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. 3x IR, 8x MSAA, 16X AA. My experience with this game is similar to Terry Suave's, I can run many other games with full speed and graphical enhancements, however this game runs 20-30% lower than all others. Guides Resources Discord Streams Forum Statistics Sub-games. Loading screens are invisible with it enabled though, but that is very minor since you see the loading bar anyway. Tony Hawks Underground 2 Freischaltbares: Freischaltbares, Barcelona-Stierkämpfer freischalten, Specialgäste und Geheime Gäste im Story-Modus. Now you can play as yourself, as your teammates, or as more than 20 special skaters. You've been chosen by Tony Hawk to compete against Bam Margera's team in the World Destruction Tour. Fixed in 5.0-9735. As some know the Tony Hawk games actually got me my start in modding. The following applies to Tony Hawk's Underground 2when the game is played in story mode. Its time to go globetrotting on an insane road trip. Screenshots: Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 GCN/GameCube ISO Info: Release Date: October 4, 2004 Genre: Sports Game Publisher: Activision Developer: Neversoft Region : USA (NTSC – U) Languages: English Besides that, there's no problems. This game is Adventure, Sports genre game. However there are some minor issues . Help.'s_Pro_Skater_4 Not sure if it is an incompatibility with my system/ settings or the game itself.'s_Underground Tony Hawk's Underground tweaks the gameplay of previous installments to include a plot-twisting story and customizable tricks and decks. October and November 2020 Progress Report, Dolphin Emulator 5.0-3021 - Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (1080p) - Nintendo GameCube, Dolphin Emulator 4.0.2 - Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (1080p HD) - Nintendo GameCube, Jump to: navigation, search. Dolphin can play thousands of games, and changes are happening all the time. Play Tony Hawk's Underground 2 for free with your friends. During regular gameplay everything is pretty much perfect. Story mode was completable otherwise. Get ready for a major new step for the Tony Hawk series. Tony Hawk's Underground Video of Dolphin Emulator 4.0.2 | Tony Hawk's Underground [1080p HD] | Nintendo GameCube To open magnet links and download, use on Windows: qBittorrent . Cutscene sound sometimes becomes out of sync and frames drop to about 45 FPS one area in New Jersey.Sometimes save states will break cutscenes and you can't progress, but if you use the emulator in game save battery everything works fine, this is also a problem in other games so it could be me. Subscribed. Youve been chosen by Tony Hawk to take on Bam Margera as your teams go on a World Destruction Tour. Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. For Tony Hawk's Underground 2 on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 101 cheat codes and secrets. The opening sequence shows the player skating at home (the New Jersey neighborhood from the previous game) one year (according to the official BradyGames strategy guide) after the events of Tony Hawk's Underground . Open Issues Full-game Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all Training Boston Barcelona Berlin Australia New Orleans Skatopia The Triangle School Philadelphia Downhill Jam Los Angeles Canada Airport. You may not be able to live like the legend, but now you can … Minor graphical issues during cutscenes. Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 – Action Replay Codes [US] The following are known Action Replay Codes for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator ... Thread Modes. It's also one of my favorite game series and for awhile I thought the community died out. The Dolphin Emulator Wiki needs your help! The gameplay is perfect.

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