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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Geralt's and Ciri's world isn't for the faint-hearted, as not every person who lives in it is a good guy. 4 years ago. InformacjeOpisy z książek i gier Leo Bonhart – łowca nagród i najemny zabójca, wcześniej zawodowy żołnierz, w międzyczasie zajmował się wędrownym handlem. Leo Bonhart is one of those who can't be called heroes. But im talking in rounds here, so he would beat geralt in some rounds, but, geralt would eventually kill him in the final round. Been reading the books of late. One on One Swordfight just Swords Nothing Else Geralt Doesnt use signs nor potions. Ciri magically teleports to Stygga Castle and fights her own battle against the wicked assassin Leo Bonhart. The most Bonhart families were found in the USA in 1880. [Could i also add that these books are the most entertaining series of books ever for me personally, as a huge fan of the game. The fight I really want to see would be Geralt vs Bonhart. See this subject on The Witcher wiki:Leo Bonhart Gwent Update: Feb 9, 2018:Name change: Leo Bonhart (was Bonhart). She is the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe. Bonhart's good but in round 1 and 2 he's just not going to be able to make the cut against the White Wolf. Geralt has abilities bonhart doesnt, geralt has increased vision, strenght, speed and healing powers, and these powers are even more increased to him than the other witchers because geralt went into further mutations that the other witchers didnt go through, thats why his hair is white. Vilgefortz I think regardless though Bonhart might just be the best swordsman on the continent behind geralt. The Bonhart family name was found in the USA, and Canada between 1880 and 1920. Bonhart in my imaginatio was huge - over 210 Znany z profesjonalizmu, a przez to wysokiej ceny świadczonych usług. 2. Vesemir vs Leo Bonhart deactivated-5d6bc0cd36084. 1.1. She is a Princess of Cintra, and the daughter of Pavetta and Duny. Aragorn vs Leo Bonhart deactivated-5d6bc0cd36084 ... Ciri was the best swordsman of them all because she was trained by Geralt. Bonhart then killed Neratin Ceka while Skellen seriously wounded Ciri with an orion as she escaped with her horse, Kelpie. I mean, think about it this way - Geralt never needs to use signs against human/elf opponents because he rips through them ridiculously fast. Each and every member of Geralt’s company meets with a grim fate, as Geralt fights against all odds to rescue the one person he truly loves. All in all, I thing Geralt is taller than 188, he should be above 192cm I imagined Francesca as a taller woman, around 180. In the whole series, both book and game, this would probably be the best matchup. When Yennefer mocks him and doubts he's skilled enough to kill any witcher, let alone Geralt, in a straight fight, Bonhart tells her he'll at least prove himself as a "better lover" than Geralt and tries to rape her. Netflix has just begun to chronicle the life of Geralt in The Witcher, but it would appear that some characters are set to make an early appearance. Geralt would destroy Bonhart 1v1. Bonhart was killed by Ciri, she wasn't even close to a Witcher skills, let alone Geralt. Ciri- trained in witcher sword styles and given only non-magical herb mixtures; no mutations Self-styled Witchers: These people claimed they were witchers ... "in their own way", but Geralt quite rightly put them straight: 1. And i would like to read all the books. Wow that would be cool. ” Deploy(Melee): Destroy an enemy unit with 9 or more power. Overdrive rekt mode. Bonhart later rejoined him during the showdown at Castle Stygga. I didnt come to that part yet. CHCESZ WIĘCEJ FILMÓW? The ability is now optional. Codringher 1.2. The Witcher is a famous series of fantasy short stories written by Andrzej Sapkowski. But i hear that there is one more book of short stories like the last wish, that is not translated. Rozbił hanzy Dużego Lothara i Valdeza. 1.1. 0. Considering Geralt has been fighting Monsters and Humans/Non-Humans for at least over half a century and with the Mutations, which Ciri did not even have, its pretty obvious Geralt … Known witchers in Sapkowski's books are: Trained by Witchers: 1. Keep reading. Added … Theres no contest here, we all know who would win. However, these victories came at a great price. Thanks for replying Poriluk, I dont think the gear works in tiers like that in the books lol. He did find her, drugged her, and forced Ciri to fight in … Geralt Uses Everything at His disposal 3 Round. „Tak přeci…konečně se naše cesty setkaly,“ pomyslel si Geralt. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Geralt did lose in a fight to the wizard Vilgefortz who defeated him with a staff and left him broken and beaten as a “lecture”. It is so cool to just escape from the world for a few hours to listen to these amazing books (I listen to the audiobook version).]. And young bonhart doesnt know all the techniques that he uses when he is older, for example mistakes, he had learnt from his mistakes that he was doing while he was still young and wont do them again. This polymorphing dragon met Geralt while in human form, masquerading as a knight named Borch Three Jackdaws. Known for his professionalism and being expensive to hire, he was said to have cold, expressionless eyes, which were often likened to fish eyes. Bonhart found pleasure in watching brutal scenes and inflicting pain to others. Is that directed to the both of us Sikside because i have not yet finished the tower of swallows? WYŁĄCZ ADBLOCKA który blokuje reklamy, przez uniemożliwia mi zarabianie na filmikach. One on One Swordfight just Swords Nothing Else Geralt Doesnt use signs nor potions 2 Round. Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon (known as Ciri or the Lion Cub of Cintra), was born in 1251 and most likely during the Belleteyn holiday. Geralt did beat Vilgefortz who Yennefer could not but that was because Geralt was wearing a special amulet. In the books, he took on a contract to kill Ciri and a different one to capture her. He is one scary dude. lmao nope. And now he's going up against the same dude who enslaved/terrorized his surrogate daughter? Then if he would have all his knowledge as the older one than he would maybe even beat geralt. Summary: Eist and Calanthe provide a live commentary through the semi-finals and finals of the Continent's Cup for roller derby. It comes with a few surprising twists, considerable amounts of drama and more romance than a whole bookshop dedicated to the genre. Geralt is older, more experienced, has improved senses, improved coordination, improve phyiscal conditioning, and improved balance. My opinion is bonhart is no normal human. JavaScript is disabled. „Mám tě, zmetku,“ pomyslel si pro změnu Bonhart. Kreepyjester 5 years ago #4. Gwent Update: Aug 29, 2017:Leo Bonhart Power changed from 6 to 7. Also do you guys have any thoughts on bonhart? Maybe, but that even supports the fight, if ciri could beat bonhart without the powers, then geralt could do it certainly, especially with his abilities that ciri hasnt, like increased speed. They didnt even translate the short story i mentioned. I think you may find some clues to get your answer. So i think geralt would win the fight, but i didnt get to that book yet, so i might be wrong. This was about 24% of all the recorded Bonhart's in the USA. Był sadystą Oglądanie brutalnych scen i zadawanie bólu innym przynosiło mu przyjemność. The motivation of the gallopades leader, the King of the Hunt, remains, as always, unknown." Bonhart isn't exactly an upstanding guy who would fight fair. Geralt, meanwhile, is … – Amarth Feb 26 at 17:49 Btw in addition to what's mentioned here, Geralt in particular seems to have some minor talent of Oneiromancy. He was described as very tall but ghoulishly thin, … ~Rickon Stark for King in the North~ User Info: Kreepyjester. The two have a similair feat of taking on a whole group at once but while Bonhart is impressive, the Rats were arrogant brats high on drugs and youthful arrogance rushing in without thought while Shrike's crew were all professional killers who at least tried to maintain a defensive closed formation against Geralt but still got slaughtered. I cant wait to see him, but i think that geralt would win because he has potions, decoctions, signs and better gear with legendary swords and armor, and is faster and stronger than him because hes a witcher. But the books are very intersting so i will read them all, and maybe even the comics. In a one on one fight with all other things being equal other than the fighters I think Geralt destroy Bonhart no problem. He's clearly very attractive, as he seems to steal the eye and attention of every single female he comes across. Deploy(Ranged): Destroy an enemy Witcher. ROB Gives Bonhart … „Dost řečí,“zaskřípal trochu nelogicky Bonhart, napřahujíc se k ráně. Missouri had the highest population of Bonhart … Gwent Update: Dec 19, 2017:Name change: Bonhart (was Leo Bonhart). I have just read time of contempt including last wish, sword of destiny and blood of elves. Due to him being a Nilfgaardian and more specifically the black knight who haunted Ciri's dreams, Geralt would have a hard time trusting him, but this would later change. By far the most interesting and mysterious AND badass character seems to be Mr. Bonhart. He approved of Geralt’s policy of not hunting dragons and later clashed with a dragon hunting party in Villen which included Yarpen Zigrin (see below). 1 Round. In 1880 there were 15 Bonhart families living in Missouri. And bonhart doesnt have those abilities, but he killed witchers before so he could kill geralt if geralt was an ordinary witcher, which he is not. pvtdonut54. Even author stated that novels Vesemir are stronger than Geralt and Leo's was not on Geralt level. You must log in or register to reply here. Leo Bonhart never fought Geralt and while he had Witcher Medallions and said he defeated them it’s never proven that he did so in a straight up fight. Bonhart might look dangerous when he's slicing up fodder or harassing a 16-year old girl, but he's just a mercenary. And i heard some good news too, that the author will make new books about the witcher, so i will read them, but the only problem is how much time will it take to translate it. Leo Bonhart by JustAnoR. 11 years ago. If we assume that Bonhart killed all those witchers in a fair fight, then it will be a somewhat decent fight where Geralt comes out on top, otherwise Geralt kills him with ease. Oba mlčeli. R1. Given he is old and at a point where he considers retirement Do you think this man, if he was younger, could defeat geralt in a plain duel? Bonhart was a very skilled fighter and not all witchers had someone like Vesemir as their fencing teacher. Leo Bonhart is a psychopathic sadist with a nihilistic view on the world. Witcher Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But i think he would be a great challenge to him. And if ciri could beat him, he could too, because he has more knowledge about fighting then ciri has, but again, ciri had powers, actually i read in the time of contempt that she lost those powers to fire? Personality. Leo Bonhart was a human bounty hunter, assassin and previously, a professional soldier. Bonhart reveals that he's murdered three witchers in the past, and taken their medallions as trophies. I think something happened to mutate him to. The Witcher Journal says: "Sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg was abducted by the Wild Hunt, just like witcher Geralt of Rivia. Bonhart’s psychopathy stems from his enjoyment to cause others pain. Cahir ended up perishing in a duel against Leo Bonhart during the assault on Stygga in an attempt to buy some time for Ciri and Angoulême. During the battle, Bonhart killed Geralt's companion Cahir, but was then killed by Ciri. Ciri escaped Bonhart with the help of Neratin Ceka while they were in the village of Unicorn. 4 years ago. Sledovali si navzájem oči, ruce. Geralt's more or less a 1v1 monster. 1 Round. Follow 8554. There are also five novels, collectively known as the Witcher Saga or the Blood of the Elves saga. Bonhart had gone there to meet with Skellen and Rience. In both duels, Geralt's party triumphed and both Vilgefortz and Bonhart were killed. Her fate remains unknown, though she certainly did not join the host of wraith horsemen, unlike her lover who was one of the Hunt's riders for some time. 9 Leo Bonhart. Geralt is a witcher and a skilled swordsman, much more than an ordinary man. Forum Posts. All the witcher's companions were dead, Milva had been shot, Angoulême died from the lance wound to the leg, Cahir was killed by Bonhart while defending Ciri and Emiel Regis was literally melted by Vilgefortz, while the vampire was protecting Yennefer. But yeah i see your point about a younger bonhart not being as experienced but imagine him in his prime vs geralt! Im talking no decoctions or anything like that. Once Ciri remembered what Geralt had taught her, she dispatched Bonhart quite easily. In The Tower of the Swallow, a bounty hunter named Leo Bonhart massacres the Rats, and a philosopher named Vysogota takes in an injured Ciri. And about the books, they are really fun and intersting, i just finished time of contempt including sword of destiny, the last wish and blood of elves. Vypadal přesně tak, jak si jej Geralt vždy představoval, ač se s ním nikdy nesetkal. Geralt has abilities bonhart doesnt, geralt has increased vision, strenght, speed and healing powers, and these powers are even more increased to him than the other witchers because geralt went into further mutations that the other witchers didnt go through, thats why his hair is white.

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