songtradr vs distrokid

One feature that they do offer are intelligent landing pages that help you to route your fans to their favourite music platform when your releases become available. They have struck sync deals with Hulu, Bose, JBL, NFL as well. This is why you should work with split sheets from the get go! It could also be said though that they leverage these connections a lot in their marketing to artists but it would be hard to pull any strong correlation to what these connections may do for you individually. And I’m going to get shit for it. However, the flipside of this is that they do take a 15% commission. They claim to be great at “throwing gasoline on the fire.” AWAL doesn’t offer much in terms of personal support from the get-go, BUT if you start to catch, they can offer you marketing support (money for PR, radio plugging, etc) and pitch you to playlists. UnitedMasters has been making waves the past couple years. Soundrop vs. Routenote vs. Awal vs Level Distribution vs. Distrokid vs. Bandcamp vs. Amuse vs. Fresh tunes vs. Horus Music vs. Songtradr vs. United Masters 1. Like, I paid $20K for my new album. Well, the co-CEO Lee Parsons did, for, asking a question about royalty collection, No commission. They boast that their sync licensing division is strong at that they have direct deals with NBA 2K20. It is important to know that there are two types of ownership when … They (well, at the time it was just 1 dude, Philip Kaplan) had just launched and had already received praise from Derek Sivers (founder of CD Baby) and Jeff Price (founder of TuneCore and Audiam). With that said some recent developments have really given Distrokid some leverage that may make their peers a bit nervous. Soundrop isn’t meant to compete with the other services (like their sister CD Baby). +How This Artist Grew To 500,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners Without Playlists. For the first time in history, people in China are PAYING for music (via streaming services). As I mentioned before these changes are a perfect example of how competitive this industry is as companies have to adapt to artists wants, needs, music industry standards, and technology as well which we all know changes by the second it seems. You retain 100% of your rights no matter who you use. CD Baby was paying out 91% of the money – it just wasn’t paying it out to the correct artists based on what Spotify indicated those artists actually earned. With that said, TuneCore excels in a number of key areas sporting features like publishing administration and arguably the best analytic reports in the industry. If you are very budget conscious you will struggle to take advantage of some of MondoTunes additional features. The most obvious difference between DistroKid and CD Baby is their pricing model. Think about where you go to consume music from your favourite artists. Well, the co-CEO Lee Parsons did, for asking a question about royalty collection. Soundrop is definitely for someone on a tight budget who does not want to deal with distribution or yearly fees. But their (non-app) browser analytics are not that much better than TuneCore, Stem or CD Baby’s backend analytics. These are not label deals. 2020 has been rough for CD Baby (from the artist’s point of view). They were super excited about. Where, if there is some traction on your songs, they’ll notice and, as many of them put it, “throw gasoline on the fire,” where they can put some marketing money behind it, plug it at playlists, push synch opportunities and other ways to help jumpstart your career. This is in hopes that they will develop strong relationships with artists that benefit both parties down the road. At the end of the day 20% of $0 is nothing to write home about. I Already Use a Distributor Like Distrokid Or CD Baby. DistroKid also refused to re-distribute a song that was distributed (incorrectly) by an artist who accidentally listed the artists incorrectly (put their collaborator as “feat.” without listing them as a fellow artist – which would link to their profile on Spotify and would show up on both artists’ profiles). For instance, if you want to distribute a remix titled a certain way with the remix artist as a collaborator (sharing Artist credit), DistroKid will block it because it doesn’t meet their style format.

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