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See our latest fact sheet on Alcohol & Violence in Baltimore City. Multifamily conversions allow for more affordable housing and reduce vacancies. Includes non-waived and non-PPMP … other covered indication(s). A letter from Antoine Banks Land Use & Transportation Committee Baltimore City Couneil. … 16-581 & 17-015; and As Last Amended by Ord. Additional strategies include: 1. It also encourages walkable neighborhoods to improve the quality of life in Baltimore. "It includes changes intended to promote the reuse of the city's old buildings and encourage walkable neighborhoods of homes and businesses suited to 21st-century tastes," writes Broadwater. She discusses the complex relationship between crime, health, and liquor stores in greater detail in Achieving a Healthy Zoning Policy in Baltimore: Results of a Health Impact Assessment of the TransForm Baltimore Zoning Code Rewrite. Posted in Legislation On Dec 09, 2016. The current code focuses on zoning single use areas, much like the suburbs. The social determinants of health (SDH) include factors apart from genes and biology that affect … October 20, 2015. This Thursday, the City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee will hold another voting session on amendments to the new zoning code… Transform Baltimore Zoning meetings. Using Zoning as a Public Health Tool to Reduce Alcohol Outlet Oversaturation, Promote Compliance, and Guide Future Enforcement: a Preliminary Analysis of Transform Baltimore C. Debra M. Furr-Holden & Adam J. Milam & Elizabeth D. Nesoff & Sabriya Linton & Beth Reboussin & Richard C. Sadler & Philip J. Click here to connect to Transform Baltimore on the Baltimore City Department of Planning's web page. On December 5, 2016, the City Council passed and the Mayor signed into law a new zoning code for the City of Baltimore. This code will replace the 1971 Zoning Code. At that time, the focus was on auto-oriented development, separation of uses, and preserving the City’s heavy manufacturing base. Baltimore City is pleased to announce the launch of the new Baltimore City Zoning Code (Ordinance #16-581) that went into effect on Monday, June 5, 2017. AU - Greiner, Amelia. CPHA 101: TransForm Baltimore and Existing Alcohol Outlets. CPHA has well covered the effort to reduce alcohol outlet density via the proposed zoning code that the City Council is presently considering, and last week we offered this update on where the City Council currently stands on the portion of the zoning legislation. The new "Transform Baltimore" Zoning Code, was passed by the City Council and was signed into law on December 5, 2016. ARTICLE 32 ZONING (As Enacted & Corrected, Effective June 5, 2017, by Ords. Prior to Transform, the Baltimore City Zoning Code was last comprehensively updated in 1971. Whether looking to file a complaint against a liquor outlet for violating provisions under the newly revised zoning code (TransForm Baltimore) or launching a citizen protest before the Board of Liquor License Commissioners, we hope you find our list of resources helpful. The new code will be effective June 5, 2017. Under the new code, multifamily conversions are allowed in R-7 and R-8 districts through the conditional use by ordinance process. TRANSFORM BALTIMORE –NEW ZONING CODE ... 4/5/2017 Baltimore City Department of Planning 1. 28 Baltimore City began a zoning code rewrite, 29 entitled TransForm Baltimore, with several major goals in mind: simplification and standardization; preservation of neighborhood character; 30 addressing changing land needs; and incorporating transit-oriented development (TOD), sustainability, and … The new zoning code, called “Transform Baltimore” includes many changes to promote development and reuse of the city's old buildings. Incorporating dispersal standards for new, off-premise outlets – no off-premise alcohol outlet may locate within 300 feet of another alcohol outlet (on- or off-premise). Under the new zoning code, the previous MIZOD protections will become a base zoning district with the same level of protections afforded by the MIZOD, but with no sunset date. 220. It is intended to simplify and streamline development review; provide an easy to understand set of rules; and create a more modern code that fosters growth and development, while maintaining the character of Baltimore's neighborhoods. Baltimore Department of Planning’s new zoning goes into effect June 5, 2017, replacing 1971 zoning code. In addition, new … Zoning for a Healthy Baltimore: A Health Impact Assessment of the TransForm Baltimore Comprehensive Zoning Code Rewrite. On December 5, 2016, the City Council passed and the Mayor signed into law a new zoning code for the City of Baltimore. AU - Ellen, Jonathan M. AU - Jennings, Jacky M. PY - 2013. Baltimore's New Zoning Code. of Baltimore City’s comprehensive zoning code rewrite (known as TransForm Baltimore). The goal of this study was to evaluate the potential impact of new zoning legislation, TransForm Baltimore on locations of alcohol outlets. Vernon, many young people living in the apartments could not afford to live in a single family large home that once housed the city’s wealthiest citizens. 2021 Zoning Dockets; 2021 Zoning Dockets. Leaf The New York Academy of Medicine 2020 The Baltimore City Liquor … Bikemore is working to ensure the new zoning code, Transform Baltimore, supports mixed-use, dense neighborhoods that promote biking, walking, and transit.

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